Thursday, January 13, 2011

Birds & Fish

Have any of you heard of the 5,000 birds that just fell from the sky? Or the couple thousand fish that just washed up on shore? Kind of freaky right? I heard that it was because of some fireworks or noise that caused it. But thats never happened before, and all the birds where the same species. I thought that they just dived to the ground. But there is a different story for the fish. Scientists think that the fish where all infected with a fatal virus. But again all the fish where the same species, how could only one species of fish get the same virus? But I don't know, if you want to know go ask a wise hippie that listens to trees and talks to plants.

ok so we all know about the HUGE snowstorm that happened on Wednesday but how much did you get? Over on Wildwood ave. by the Guilford line, they only got about a foot of snow, but at my house we got 2 feet of snow. Kind of weird isnt it? So how much did you get? Alot or like 8 feet? Leave a comment below and tell me.