Friday, September 24, 2010


How was the science Quiz today? Was it easy, asi-asi, or hard.

Leave a comment and tell me.
Go to Miss Ks Blog and play Math Games!!

Before you forget go to miss ks blog and play some math games to prepare you for the quiz on Wednesday.
Cover LA book by Tuesday!!

well pretty much it all says it in the headline....cover your book by Tuesday.
Oh you also have to create a new intro paragraph by Tuesday as well. DONT FORGET!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My videos...

here are some of my cool videos that I took with my flip video camera.


thanks for watching these and I will post more.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hammonasset Field trip Tomorrow!!

Be prepared for the Hammonasset field trip because it might rain tonight. Bring Old Sneakers for the mud.
BRING YOUR BINDER!!  The Field trip is not all day so you will not miss all of period 7 or any of your core classes. But most of the periods are shortened especially period 7. A light spring jacked is also recommended.

Who is your favorite person in the world?

Leave a comment and tell me.

Mine is Steve Carell
Science Quiz!!!

remember to study for the quiz on Friday! She is testing you on the cloud types which are Cirrus, Cumulonimbus,stratus, and cumulo clouds. So use the study guide and resorses you have to properly prepare for the quiz....
Outrageous Hoax!!!

About 2 weeks ago a women had been supposedly splashed in the face with a dangerous acid. Her side of the story claimed that an African American women was the culprit but not all parts of the story add up....
police were suspicious when she was wearing sunglasses when the attack began at 7:00pm. Later in the week the victim confessed and told the public she was the attacker and she splashed herself with the acid.
The po-po suspected this from day one and where not that shocked at the foolhardy hoax.
Bomb Threat?!?!

It has been reported that during a house party inches away from the town green recived a call and was under a bomb threat. I have also heard that one of the govenors , Linda Mcman was in the home at the time of the threat. Reporters say that it was all a hoax but it  is still under investigation. The caller was in the same location as the house party but his name has not been reported to the public.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Guilford Fair!!

This Saturday is the Guilford fair! There is the one game where you can win yourself a pet!! (real pet not stuffed) The object of the game is to throw a ping pong ball into a goldfish bowl (Goldfishes are the pet) and not get it in the tiny gaps. So the chance of you winning is 85% so they are practically giving away goldfish.  You can trade in 5 goldfish for 1 big and colorful ones. Oh the price to play is like a buck and you get a bucket of ping pong balls so you can be expecting alot of winning.                                                       

sorry for the boring story but I had nothing else to do....
Check This Out!

If you want to create a blog it only takes 10 minutes all you have to do is go to and click create a blog and get started!! Thanks 


By the way the coler is fuchia!! Man I love that word!!! And be Im trying to post as much as I can!!

What is your favorite catch phrase?

Leave a comment and tell me about it.
Nothing to talk about!!  

OK so I know I haven't posted much but I already have nothing to talk about. So if you could leave a comment about some spontaneous events that would be great. That would also let me know that someone is actually reading my blog!!
 Some Tubeular Web Sites 

so heres the first one yea most of you have probably heard of that and it has great statagy games. The next one is or but there both the same. There is Which most of you have heard of. and lastly, there is
so check them out.
The coolest video in the history of videos!!

if you love cool stuff then check out this seeming the impossibal chain reaction vidio. It is the best video that you will ever see so go to to see the best video ever!!!!!!
Epic!! Sumo Wrestler olympics!!

If your looking for a laugh then go to
and it is garenteed that you will crack a smile during the vidio. Yes this is a official event and anyone can participate in it.
Knitted Ferrari!!!

ok so I know that most of you are NOT knitting fans but this is a whole new generation of awesomness.
Impossibal you say? If you dont belive me then go to and find out for yourself.
Prehistoric Shark!!! WOW!!!

The goblin shark is the coolest shark ever!! I completely recomend this vidio to anyone.
so go to to check out this fantastic ancient creature...
Cardstackah!! Part dos

for more insane card stacking vids go to and go to for the worlds largest card tower!!!!
Here are some of my (terribal) Pictures

Thursday, September 16, 2010


go to to see the amazing card stackah build the capitol building in three days!!!
Quiz Tuesday!!

study!! Miss K has some awesome math games so you can study and get an A++++++++ so study!!Study!!study!!study!!study!!study!!study!!study!!study!!study!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quiz on Tuesday!!

apparently halo reach came out...

Everybody knows that halo reach is the game that everyone is talking about (but I could really care less about this but i had nothing to write about) and it is 'supposed' to be the game of the year.
wanna learn more about halo? go to Conner edgecomes blog (sorry I spelled his last name wrong) his site is the place to be when it comes to video games. But it is a fantastic game and I recommend this to the 0 people that are reading this because this was posted 2 seconds ago.........

blue ribbon day is coming up so be sure to wear blue or whatever tickles your peach....